Finding Ambition

by Ben Beckley

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A collection of pieces to tell my most recent stories.


released September 23, 2011

Photo credits to my father, William Beckley.



all rights reserved


Ben Beckley Rochester, New York

A young man's growing bandcamp of musical expression for the world to experience, analyze, and reflect upon.

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Track Name: To Go
So a few months ago I began going on late night walks.
I'd leave when my family was asleep,
and my dog was snuggled safely in his bed.

I would just walk down the road,
follow the white line down the side of highway.
It was rather soothing.

I was looking for something.
I was looking for myself,
because i lost the will to do anything.
Ambition was a thing of the past.

I couldn't tell where i was going.
If i would amount to anything in the future,
It was rather contradictory to walk and do nothing.

When i could better myself in.. I don't know..
I find that i say that a lot lately.
I don't know. I don't care. What's the point?

And then i found out, the reason to try..
Still looking for that but..
I know it's out there.
Track Name: Serenity
A sigh of relief begins every morning.
Realizing that there is still another day to claim.
It's a sigh that let's in a breath of freshness,
like how a screen door brings in a nice breeze during the spring.

As I speak these words I look out my window to see
cars with people all following the same monotony as me.
In the past I used to wave as Police Cars passed by, smiling.
Now I wonder if they're looking for me because I feel so out of place

Could it be a change of heart,
now that I live my life alone,
without perceived guidance from above?
This gracious freedom comes with a price of petty indifference,
something so draining that even friends seem to stray away.

And its the great divide that seems to come with age and wisdom,
for lambs and lions nay ever lay together in peace.

We all fear something.

Be it heights, darkness, sin, our own imperfections,
or even the big one we all know, a fear of rejection.
Now if you can show me a man with no fear whatsoever,
and i will show you a man with no sense, a man naught clever.

For the cautious are rewarded with less injury, sadness, and guilt;
they say curiosity kills the cat for a reason, and it's true.

But I cant stand by this mantra of being careful my whole life.
To live like everyone else, because I am my own self.

And I quote:
"If my fear has kept me here only my fear can set me free."